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Transcript of Twitterview with Tim Fedroff

Let’s start our Twitterview with Clippers outfielder Tim Fedroff! 1st Q: Krash or LouSeal?

A: Krash, for sure! Krash is cool, I like Krash. He’s got a good intro video

Q: How do you ignore taunts from opposing team’s fans?

A: I’m still trying to figure that one out, actually. I hear it, I just try to ignore it as best I can. It’s difficult when they’re the only ones yelling. The Toledo fans were pretty bad. I enjoy a good heckler if they’ve got good material. Some of it can be funny, but I know when my shoe’s not untied.

Q: Assuming the Indians don’t make the playoffs and the Clippers do, would you rather stay at Triple-A and get playoff experience?

A: My childhood dream was to play in the major leagues, so if I’m ever fortunate enough to accomplish that, I would take that. Playoffs would be cool to play in, too, not taking anything away from that.

Q: What’s been the biggest change playing in Columbus? Are you seeing different pitching?

A: A lot more left handed pitching, but that’s because of the teams we’ve played so far. The biggest difference is in the nicer stadiums. Talent level is fairly comparable.

Q: What do you think of Huntington Park?

A: It’s awesome! It’s the best place I’ve played at so far! We have a lot of fans every night and a good atmosphere

Q: Do you notice the extra noise from things like noisemakers and vuvuzelas?

A: A: Yeah, you definitely notice it. It doesn’t make a difference in focus. In baseball, you can zone in for short periods of time and lock in and out.

Q: Did you know many of the Clippers players when you came up from Akron?

A: I pretty much knew all of them from Spring Training and from playing with them in the past. Everybody gets along, no outcasts on the team.

Q: What players did you look up to as a kid?

A: Paul O’Neill! Looked up to Ken Griffey, Jr. They were always my two favorites.

Q: Did you grow up playing baseball?

A: Oh yeah! I also played basketball up to my sophomore year of HS, but that was really it. A couple years of football, never got into soccer


Q: Has the game changed in any way for you since playing as a kid, then in college, and now at the Triple-A level?

A: I’d say college baseball to pro basball is a lot different. You’re not using metal bats, you can’t rely on home runs as much.

Q: You almost hit for the cycle the other day. Do you notice that when you’re playing?

A: Yeah, I know what I’ve been doing. I’m aware! It would have been cool to hit that triple, but oh well.

Q: As a Twitter user, what do you think about the role of social media in players’ lives?

A: Used properly, it’s a good thing, it’s a lot of fun, it’s a good way to interact with fans and new people. Some athletes and celebrities just don’t use it the right way. You can be yourself, but at the same time, be polite and not offensive! Be courteous.

Q: Where do you see your career in 10-15 years?

A: Ooh, I dunno. I don’t like to speculate, cause anything can happen. I try to control what I can and hope that it works out.

Q: Is there anything you’re especially looking forward to doing in Columbus?

A: Try Jeni’s ice cream, go to an OSU football game, and just explore the city and get to know it better.

Q: Whose MLB pro game do you compare to and why?

A: I try not to compare myself to other players too much, I’m still focusing on my game.

Q: What’s one thing about yourself that people wouldn’t expect?

A: I’m definitely tech-savvy! I’ve got all the newest gadgets and gizmos (laugh).

Q: What’s one goofy thing you’d tell people they have to do at some point in their lives?

A: Go to either a UNC Basketball game or a Green Bay Packer football game!

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